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Why make professional photos of your vacation rental?

Up to 20% increase in earnings 
Hosts with professional photos may earn more than other hosts in their area.

Up to 20% more bookings 
Photos are one of the top 3 reasons guests choose to book.

So what is the difference between regular MLS type photos and vacation rental photos?
Real estate photography is primarily informational, whereas vacation rental photography is more aspirational.  I try to capture the feel, the ambiance of your vacation rental. This type of photography is about the vacation experience. As an example; I would not normally feature a hot tub in an MLS photo but this hot tub might be the main reason someone will book your property.  I try to convey the features and feel of your vacation rental.  This all takes time and a vacation rental session will often last 2-3 times the length of an MLS booking.


Per unit up to 2500 square feet

Larger & multiple unit quote available via email.

What's included?

30+ professionally edited and processed images including exteriors and aerials. 

Free dedicated website

Free marketing materials

(Flyers, cards, etc. Your choice of many drag and drop templates)

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