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FlashBack floor plans are for illustration only;

they are not a substitute for architectural floor plans.

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Real Estate Photography (scroll down for samples)
Satisfaction Guaranteed!****
MLS Photos, Video and Aerial
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Vacant Land - $99  10-12 edited photos and 3-6 drone photos. (no video)
Community Amenities - $89  Pool, Fitness, Clubhouse, Courts, etc.. (Agent must arrange access for photogrpaher at time home photos are made.)

Many years as a licensed REALTOR® and many, many years as a professional photographer make me uniquely qualified to make sure you get the very best photographic services for the best possible price.

My promise to you: I will serve you with the same dedication and professionalism with which you serve your clients.

If it's not right, I'll do it again!

photo samples

Sample MLS photos

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Video (scroll down for samples)
Satisfaction Guaranteed!****
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This is a real video.. don't be fooled by animated slide shows.  Marketing videos are perfect for posting on your social media, including in emails or even texts. They are delivered to you on line the same as your MLS photos. Standard videos vary in length from 2 to 3 minutes. They include music and text details (Home details are included if you provide details (MLS spec sheet) to me here. SEND HOME SPECS TO TIM  To keep prices as low as possible, clients do not have creative input, such as music choice and shot selection, during the editing process. 


Sample Videos

I apologize in advance. The videos below are hosted on YouTube and as such, the quality is degraded. (I think it is just the way YouTube is.)

360 degree panorama

Do you market your homes on FaceBook?  Whether it's a condo, modest or extravagant home, or even vacant land...some properties just need to have a great 360 degree view.   The 360 degree panorama works best posted on FaceBook. (The sample below is just a screen capture from the FlashBack FaceBook page.)

yellow flash.jpg

What can I do with photos/video from FlashBack?

No worries!  You can use any and all images or video created by FlashBack to market the real estate in any manner you see fit. Please do not be concerned, SELL THAT real estate!  That being said, all still and video images remain the property of FlashBack Photographic Services and/or Tim Dardis in perpetuity. Upon Payment, you are licensed to use these images in any manner you wish, on any platform to market the real estate in the photos. You are expressly prohibited from giving or selling the images or video to any other person or entity, including the real estate owner or another agent or broker.  FlashBack and/or Tim Dardis have the exclusive right to reproduce, use in marketing or create derivative works from these photos and video. Photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.

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