The Cold War was real.  During the 1970s several of my assignments, while a member of the Atlantic Fleet Combat Camera Group, were to surveil Russian military movements, actions and behaviors.  It seems that no matter where we were, ‘there they were’.

These four Soviet crewmen were cadets aboard a Russian tall ship that happened to be training where the U.S. was conducting operations in the North Atlantic. As I recall, the Soviets often used pleasure craft to surveil our ships and movements so I assumed this was another disguise. I was permitted to board this vessel and interact with the sailors while in port outside of Ghent, Belgium.  While we had a huge language barrier, we did seem to all get along and enjoy each other’s company. At the time I had no idea that the Soviet Union would one day fall.


Canon F1 - 200mm lens - Tri-X film

35mm negative printed full frame  (If you look very closely you may notice the edges of the negative. )

Soviet Naval Cadets

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