Why B&W ?

I have been a "maker" for most of my life. I have made thousands of images a dozens different ways... painting, digital, photos, found objects... Just to name a few. What I have come to realize over 50 some years of "making" is that I like the old fashioned B&W analog process best. I don't find anything wrong, in any way, with the other mediums... I just like the process of composing in the viewfinder, hand processing the film, choosing which negative I want to print and then making the best print I can from that negative. My goal is to print full frame negatives whenever possible. I have always strived to get the image just "right" in the viewfinder before I pressed the shutter release. I don't use a motor drive so I make one single exposure at a time... (I did like the nearly video speed of shooting digital when it first came out... but it soon felt like I was cheating! In a single pass I could take 20-30 exposures and hope I got something worthwhile... Just not for me..)

Tell me about why you like or do not like my approach to making photographic art (or dont you think photographs are art?). Let's talk!

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The very first film I developed was black & white. I love the grain, the shades of grey, the imperfections. Most of us dont see in black & white and for me it is a treat. Do you love B&W photograp