French Matting

The most beautiful hand crafted french lines are applied to the archival mats used in completing the look of all my silver gelatin original prints.

Thin, delicately drawn lines of varying widths and thicknesses, hand marbleized French and Italian papers, gold leaf, whisper soft watercolors, these are all hallmarks of the traditional art of French matting.

This ancient technique began long before the advent of window mats and picture framing. Many early European artists worked on paper and mounted their works onto larger sheets, which were then bound into books or folios.

They then created borders of lines and panels around their images with iron gall and carbon black inks to draw the eye inward.

As picture framing materials and techniques developed in the 19th century, the window mat, made of many layers of paper, was created to separate the art from coming into contact with the glazing { glass } above it in the frame.

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