Find a rental in the FOR SALE market!


Our process is easy, transparent, and built on a foundation of choice and flexibility. We are helping more people get into great homes, in neighborhoods they love, with the opportunity to build a more secure financial future. 

The Challenge

Many people want the benefits of living in a single family home but often find the local rental market unsatisfying. However, whether they’re a first-time homebuyer who’s cautious about making such a large financial investment, someone who has recently relocated and is unsure of which neighborhood to live in. Maybe they are someone who is creditworthy, but cannot currently obtain a mortgage or they hope to one day buy a home, but aren’t ready now.


We provide the opportunity for people to move in to a great home and community today that otherwise may not be available in the rental market. 

How It Works

Qualified prospective residents work with me to select the right home for them from a wide array of homes that are currently FOR SALE. They can choose from a wide variety of properties in communities that we serve that fit their budget and meet our criteria. 

Once we find the qualified home, my buyer purchases the home and delivers an attractive lease to the tenant.

There is no obligation to the tenant beyond the standard one year lease. Period.