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What is it?

Your new original is archival matted with acid free materials ready to frame.  The outside dimensions are 12" x 14 1/4".

Your purchase includes an original B&W handmade silver gelatin fine art print by Tim Dardis. 

The artwork includes an archival mounted silver gelatin print. A Certified Picture Framer (CPF) creates, by hand, the acid free mat board and backing.  The lost art of hand crafted French lines are added to enhance the display.

More about the original.

Each silver image hand made in my darkroom is unique. Genuine high-quality black & white prints are highly sought after for the distinctive look and interpretation they bring to a subject. 

Unlike some inkjet or toner based prints, silver halide is scratch and water resistant. Why? Just like film, the process uses emulsion and silver crystals to embed the image into the special photo sensitive paper.

There is no ink or toner used.

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We all know what Photoshop is.. Most of us can tell when an image has been “photoshopped”, manipulated to change the look of the original photo.  In my mind, the predecessor to photoshop is darkroom print manipulation.  In the darkroom there is a thing called “dodging & burning” as well as a technique called “spotting” prints and negatives, both very useful skills.  With my current hand printed images, however, I almost never do any negative or print manipulation.  In fact I try, as often as possible, to print the entire full frame of the negative.  Is manipulation wrong?  No, I don’t think so.  Every artist has their set of skills and “photoshopping” a digital image is one I have used many times since the “digital age” began.  I also learned back in my early darkroom days of the 1970s to use all the analog tools available to make "perfect" prints for documentation.  At this point in my life I am approaching my new film images (images made 2022 forward) and my vintage negative printing from a more “purist/artistic” point of view.  I just need a trip back to my roots.  To this end, you will likely not see “digital perfection” in my final original silver gelatin prints. These are 100% analog hand made silver halide gelatin prints. You may see an aberration in the sky or perhaps a tiny dust speck that found a home on my negative and would not give it up when stroked with an anti-static brush.  I guess you can say I see the beauty of the weeds as well as the lawn! (Just FYI.. I do appreciate the sound of vinyl over digital music too!)

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